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Monetize with Scoreloop

Payment Provider Aggregation

Our all-in-one payment solution not only gives access to the best billing providers in the industry, but also gives control over which to display depending on your chosen distribution channel.

Downloadable Content

Keep your game lean and fresh with downloadable content.  Whether the goal is to prevent app bloating or just as a way of introducing awesome extras, Scoreloop has you covered.

Virtual Goods

Want to sell farmers a new farm or shooters a limited-edition rail-gun? Scoreloop lets you deliver, manage, monetize and track the joy upgrades and virtual goods spread to your players.

Virtual Currency

Create your own in-game currency that players can earn or purchase to unlock the good stuff.  Yeah we said it, the good stuff.

Unlock Functionality

Unlockable extras, goods, currency, game levels or even advertising – whatever you want to add, we can help you achieve it.

Tailored to you

Free, Premium or Freemium? No matter what model you use, we have channels that match your way of doing business…