Need to pass a drug test? Don't know who to trust?

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Score Loop has the reviews you need!

It’s not easy to trust internet products, especially when they promise so much!

Maybe you’re trying to dodge a saliva drug test? Maybe you’re looking for a great synthetic urine? Or maybe you just want a solid detox protocol? Either way there’s a world of difference between the scam products and the real deal. 

That’s why Score Loop exists. This site is here to give you a sound, reliable knowledge base for the riskier items on the net. If you’re sick of all the fake news, fake reviews, and blatant exaggerations then you’ve come to the right place. Score Loop will give you the no filler rundown of which products work and which ones don’t.

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Dodging Drug Tests

Even though medical marijuana is legal in thirty-three states, some companies still require prospective employees to submit to a drug test before employment. The thought of an innocent person not getting a job because of a little marijuana just grinds my gears. That’s why I’ve created plenty of guides and reviews on the various ways to fake out a drug test.

Now, there are several types of drug tests, so what works for a urine test isn’t going to work for a hair test. That’s why I’ve got such a range of reviews, covering all the methods you can use to get around the various tests.

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Urine Drug Tests

These are the bread and butter of drug tests in any company across the country. You’ll be running into this drug test a lot since most government paperwork also relies on urinalysis for medical clearance. As far as tests go, this one is simple: pee in a cup, and they’ll look for traces of drugs inside of it.

Now since this is the most common kind of drug test you’ll face, you’re a bit spoiled for choice for ways on how to beat it. While there are a lot of products out there that you can use, you’ll generally want to choose one of the three:

  • A detox product
  • A masking agent
  • Or fake pee

Each one has its own advantages over the other, but the real issue here is time. Sometimes you get a heads up when your test will be, and you can try the detox method (which takes longer), or you only have a day or two to prepare (in which case, go for fake urine).

Learn more about the best synthetic urine kits in the market and we also have recommendations for the best places where to buy synthetic urine. We’ve also covered the best way to sneak synthetic urine here.

Mouth Swab Tests

Quick and easy, you’ll most likely encounter mouth swab tests at routine inspections or company-mandated checkups. They’re actually one of the easiest tests to fool since there’s a chance that the swab kit they’ll be using might be faulty, to begin with! But if you want to be extra sure, masking mouthwash and special chewing gum can help you pass these tests. Learn more about how to pass a mouth swap test here.

Hair Follicle Tests

Finally, we have the heavy hitter of this trio: the hair follicle test. This kind of test doesn’t screw around – it has the longest detection time of any drug test and is accurate up to 90%. When you’re facing this test, you just KNOW that someone out there has it in for you. Fortunately, hair detox shampoos are the best way to beat these tests, combined with a special method of shampooing (more on how to pass a hair drug test here). 

Here are guides focusing on how to pass a marijuana drug test and another one on the best hair follicle detox shampoos for drug test.

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How Do You Know What’s Good?

If I’ve learned anything from trying all these products, it’s that you should never trust the packaging. Anyone can print out numbers and ingredients and claim that they work 100% of the time. You deserve better, which is why I adhere to strict criteria before I recommend anything!

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Who Made It?

The first thing I look at is the manufacturer. If you look at most of the products I’ve reviewed, I always take their experience in the industry into account when testing their products. How long have they been operating? Are they FDA-certified? Is their stuff clinically tested? The more experienced a company is, the more reliable its product will be.

What People Say?

Next, I check the reviews. It’s one thing to get the lowdown on how a product works from the company that made it, but testimonials from actual users are the real deal. I look at a product’s ratings and comments from a variety of places, checking for things like potential side-effects or other stuff the manufacturer may have (sometimes) left out.

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Does It Work?

Finally, I test the product myself! I use a wide variety of testing methods to see if the product holds up to its promise, from home drug test kits to actual lab-certified exams. It’s not enough that you pass the test though – I also look at how much effort it takes for you to do it. Sometimes test results hinge on a day or two of extra prep, and you don’t always have time for that!

One thing you may have noticed that I left out is cost. That’s because none of these products come cheap, especially the good ones. If you’re looking to bluff your way past a drug test, prepare your wallet. But what’s a few hundred dollars worth against the possibility of losing your job or getting in trouble with the law? Still, I try to keep things as affordable as possible when reviewing products.

If (and ONLY if) a product passes all these criteria, that’s the only time that it gets my seal of approval. If it doesn’t, I toss it back inside the box and advise you to do the same. So no matter what kind of test you need to take, Scoreloop has your back with a high-quality product that will work!

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My name is Jonothan

I’m just a working stiff afflicted with a burning curiosity and a passion for medical marijuana. Over the past 15 years I’ve discovered so much about the drug dodging industry, and this knowledge doesn’t come easy, so I view it as my duty to share what I’ve learned!

Scoreloop is the culmination of years of data gathering from real life and the internet, and it’s my answer to all the BS out there. I got tired of all the misinformation spreading around!  Who has the time to deep-dive a product and figure out if it works based on a bunch of manufactured claims and reviews?

So, whether you need to pass a urine test, saliva test, or a hair test, this is the site for you! I hope that you find the information you’re looking for!