About Us

My name is Jonothan. I’m just a working stiff afflicted with a burning curiosity and a passion for medical marijuana. Over the past 15 years I’ve discovered so much about the drug dodging industry, and this knowledge doesn’t come easy, so I view it as my duty to share what I’ve learned!

Scoreloop is the culmination of years of data gathering from real life and the internet, and it’s my answer to all the BS out there. I got tired of all the misinformation spreading around!  Who has the time to deep-dive a product and figure out if it works based on a bunch of manufactured claims and reviews?

So, whether you need to pass a urine test, saliva test, or a hair test, this is the site for you! I hope that you find the information you’re looking for!

I also don’t endorse any other illegal activity so consider all products listed on scoreloop.com can only be used for home self-administered tests. Please note that information on this website is provided solely for entertainment purpose on “as is” basis. Since it’s my personal experience, it can’t be considered a legal or medical advise.

By visiting this site you agree that any use of information provided or products mentioned would be on your own risk. Use your best judgment and be chill! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.