The Best Fake Urine Belts To Help You Ace That Drug Test

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Death, taxes, and random drug tests are some constants in life that we all have to deal with. And it’s not like these drug tests are something you can just blow off – if you fail, you can lose your job, get in trouble with the fuzz, and a ton of other stuff that can screw your life over. And all that for a little recreational puffing that you do at the end of a long workweek? That doesn’t seem fair.

That’s why some bright minds out there came up with a way for you to pass marijuana drug tests without too much trouble – because no one should get sacked over a few puffs of medical marijuana. Here is where urine belts come in handy! They’re little bags of pee that can help you ace that drug test to puff on another day.

But you can’t just choose just ANY urine belt. Anyone can strap a bag of pee to their leg and attempt to cheat a urine test. You gotta remember that these tests are getting more sophisticated all the time. If you’re sloppy, you get caught! And we don’t have to repeat our explanation of how much that will suck for you.

That’s why we’ve done our research. We’ve purposely tested dozens of urine belts to help you find out which ones are actually worth relying on. After all, the only thing more detrimental than failing a urine test is getting caught trying to cheat a urine test. So read on for the three best urine belts that you can use for your upcoming pee check.

Why Use a Synthetic Urine Belt?

leg strap beltUrine belts are not the only way you can pass a drug test, but the reason it works better is that it’s an easy solution. That’s a handy thing when the urine test you will take isn’t that far away and you don’t have time to do a detox or cleanse. Those take time, while a urine belt is easy: a lot of them are usable straight out of the box!

Urine belts (or at least the good ones) can address one of the hardest things about using fake pee: sneaking it into the testing center. A nurse or aide will always watch you pee, and you can’t be going about the bathroom switching cups and samples right under their nose. Using a urine belt is a quick and easy way to get in, pretend to pee, and get out. So how do they work?

What Are Synthetic Urine Belts, Anyway?

Urine belts are easy to explain: they’re fake pee that’s strapped to either your waist or thigh, with a nozzle or tubing where you can pump the pee through. If we break down the essentials, it’ll look a little something like this:

The Fake Urine Belt

The belt is essential to the kit. Without it, you’ll have to bring your fake pee in your pocket, which can cause a lot of complications when you need to switch the samples. Here are three qualities that a good belt should have:

  • Must fit well, either on the waist or thigh
  • Inconspicuous – shouldn’t bulge or be noticeable among your clothing
  • Safely carry the pee pump or storage pouch

While you won’t be wearing your urine belt for a long time, try to get one that has a comfortable fit. Some testers are crafty and can take cues you are hiding something – the last thing you want is to be searched with a pouch of fake pee on you!

The Pump/Pouch

The second important part is the pee pouch. Some products may have a pump where you can squeeze out the pee easier, which can be great if your testing center is a little more strict than others. But aside from just storing the pee, the pouch should be able to do all these:

  • Keep your pee warm, since cold pee is a dead giveaway
  • Prevent any contaminants from getting in your fake pee sample
  • Provide a secure way to transfer the pee to the testing bottle

Don’t think of the pouch as a way to store pee – it should be able to work like an artificial bladder, even if you just have it on for a brief while. Always inspect if there are any holes or leaks in your product before trying it, or you’ll be unintentionally pissing your pants come testing day.

The Pee

Some urine belts come with their own sample of fake pee, which you can either use straight out of the box or mix before your test. This is one thing that separates good urine products from great ones, since the quality of the pee is the one thing that’ll determine whether you pass or fail the test. Good fake pee should contain:

  • The same bacterial growth you’d expect to see in real pee
  • Similar color, consistency, and smell
  • Accurately recreate the compounds in real pee, like creatinine

The quality of the fake pee should be sophisticated enough to pass urine tests but not complex enough to set off any red flags. It’s possible to create your own DIY synthetic urine, but a small misstep in the process can give you a contaminated sample – and you’ll never be quite sure that you got it right until the test results are back. Better leave the fake pee to the experts.

One thing to note: expect your wallet to feel a little flatter after getting a urine belt. They aren’t the cheapest things on the market, but what’s a few bucks compared to the trouble you’ll get if you fail a drug test? That’s why it’s important to find the best products to get the most out of your hard-earned cash.

The Top Three Synthetic Urine Belts

1. Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit

quick fix pro belt kitPre-loaded with one of the best synthetic urine samples in the market, Quick Fix’s Pro Belt Kit is a reliable and easy-to-use product that has proven its effectiveness time and time again. It’s safe, subtle, and comes with one of the top choices for synthetic urine among users right now. It’s a product that gives you the most peace of mind for passing that drug test with a 99% success rate!

What’s Inside:

  • Universal-sized belt
  • Medical-grade vinyl bag
  • Elastic cotton strip
  • Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine (full quick fix urine review)
  • Adhesive heat pad and temperature strip
  • Detailed instructions

Synthetic Labs has had a stellar history of making synthetic urine, improving their formula every year to keep up with urine tests. You can rest easy knowing that your product uses one of the best synthetic urine formulas in the world, inside a reliable and easy-to-use belt delivery system. If you want an ironclad reason to never fail your urine test again, Quick Fix is your best bet.

The makers have taken every precaution possible to protect your sample, from the tough vinyl bag to the medical-grade pouch that prevents sample contamination. It’s made of non-allergenic materials so you won’t develop rashes while wearing it and is extremely difficult to tear and abrasion while. All in all, one of the best products you can find today. Make sure to buy it from the official website right here.


  • Pre loaded sample (no more mixing required)
  • Medical-grade materials make sure your fake pee is free of contaminants
  • Sturdy and tough for extended wear
  • High-quality, lab-certified synthetic urine sample
  • Belt (not bag) is reusable


  • One use only (for the synthetic urine)

There you have it: our top three picks for the best urine belts you can use to beat that upcoming drug test! But just getting the belt and having a good product isn’t a guarantee you’ll pass. A lot of tests today implement so called “comprehensive testing” where they’ll also do a check on the person’s history and personal evaluations to determine drug use.

So while these urine belts can pull their weight in getting your sample into the bottle and fooling the lab equipment, you need to do your part in making sure that you don’t raise any suspicions. If you need a few tips on how to do that, here are our tried-and-tested tips for success.

2. Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urine Belt

monkey whizz synthetic urine kitMonkey Whizz has over 15 years of helping people pass their drug tests, so right off the bat you know that this product comes from people who know what they’re talking about. Their Synthetic Urine Belt can keep your fake pee safe and warm for about 8 hours before it cools, and their tried and tested synthetic urine is one of the most realistic samples you can use to fool a urinalysis.

What’s Inside:

  • Pre-mixed bag of synthetic urine with temperature strip (complete with tube)
  • Adjustable cotton elastic belt
  • Two heating pads
  • Detailed instructions

One of the neat things about this product is that the urine tube is adjustable so you don’t have any trouble transferring the sample into the bottle, which can be handy if your tester is keeping a close eye on you! It requires a little prep time to bring the fake pee to the right temperature, so you’ll need to set it aside at least an hour before using for the best results.

It’s also easy to use: just activate the heating pad, stick it to the belt, put it on, and you’re ready to go! Just remember that this is that they designed this product for one use: so no reusing the belt or reheating the sample, as that can contaminate the synthetic urine. You might want to be a little careful with this product, as it can be easily contaminated by outside particles upon use.


  • Pre-loaded so you don’t have to mix the sample
  • Adjustable for different body shapes and sizes
  • Easy to use right out of the box
  • High-quality synthetic unisex urine


  • Slightly pricier than average
  • Bag isn’t medical grade so possibility of contamination is higher
  • Only has 3.5 oz of synthetic urine
  • Single use only

3. WizClear’s Synthetic Urine Belt

If you’ve already found a reliable source of fake pee and just need a good delivery system, this belt is just the thing you’re looking for. WizClear made this belt to replicate peeing as closely as possible so you can deliver your sample safely and quickly. It addresses a lot of the complications that most people often have with urine belts, designing an easy “quick-release” mechanism so you can deliver your pee into the bottle with ease.

What’s Inside:

  • Medical grade bag
  • Heat pack
  • Temperature indicator
  • Syringe
  • Detailed instructions

The great thing about the Synthetic Urine Belt is that it’s designed for multiple uses, and you can fill it with other things aside from pee. It even comes with a temperature indicator and heat pack to allow you to recreate the warmth of real pee, and it’s so simple to use, you can operate it with one hand.

However, the creators of this product intended this to be a novelty item first – so use with a little caution. It’s not a product that’s advisable for beginners to use. While it’s a good urine belt that can help you in a pinch, if you don’t have a lot of experience with using fake pee, go for something else.

But if you’re confident enough in your synthetic urine or need fake pee for other… reasons (hey, we’re not judging) then this is a great product that can get the job done. It can keep samples at a steady 94 to 100 degrees for eight hours, which is the heat range of real pee!


  • Quick and easy delivery system
  • Medical grade bag keeps fluids uncontaminated
  • Can be used multiple times
  • Able to be filled with other liquids aside from fake pee
  • Accurately replicates real peeing


  • Fake pee not included
  • Intended as a novelty item

6 Tips For Using Urine Belts

  • Read the instructions. We can’t stress this enough: reading is important, especially with using urine belts. While they’re designed to work in the least complicated way possible, reading the instructions will go a long way to making sure that you don’t mess up during the crucial couple of minutes in front of the toilet.
  • Keep calm. One thing that often tips off testers is if the person is acting shifty – and while yes, nerves before a urine test are to be expected, don’t let it get the best of you. Take deep breaths, remember how to use your urine belt, and just follow the instructions. It’ll be over before you even realize it.
  • Be discreet. You might have to bring your fake pee/urine belt to the office beforehand. You shouldn’t leave stuff like this out on your desk – you never know who might be watching! Don’t think after you’ve given your sample you’re out of the woods either: some companies go as far as checking the trash for clues whether someone has cheated on their test. Play it safe and dispose of the kit as soon as you get home, or somewhere far from your office.
  • Keep your drug habits to yourself. Ever wondered why it always seems like you’re being singled out for “random” drug tests? Well, that’s because your company can tell when you’ve been taking drugs. If you find that you’re being tested a little too much for your liking, check if you’re leaving any obvious signs.
  • Never mix anything else into your sample. There’s a reason your belt is preloaded: adding anything else (including water or real pee) can mess with the chemistry of the sample. Trust in the manufacturers and don’t mess with your fake pee – that’s one easy way you get caught.
  • Pay attention to company announcements. Most of the time, they announce drug tests ahead of time, giving you time to prepare and plan for the big day. Being forewarned is a huge help in passing your drug test, especially if you’ve been taking any drugs lately.

Remember that using a urine belt can only trick urine tests, not other ways of detecting drugs. If you’re getting a blood or hair follicle test, using fake pee won’t allow you to pass those methods.

Where Can I Get These Urine Belts?

You can get these products online, but our advice is to always check with the official manufacturer’s website. That way, you’re sure that you’re getting the real deal and not some defective or fake product, and you get to avoid the high reselling premiums that third-party sellers often slap on these kinds of products.

Plus, ordering it straight from the manufacturer (such as Quick Fix) gives you a lot of perks: expedited shipping, discreet packaging, 24/7 customer support, and even discounts for repeat customers! A lot of these brands are proud of their commitment to customer satisfaction, so don’t be afraid to reach out to them if you have any more questions.

Pissing the Fright Away

Urine tests today aren’t the scary monster like what they used to be in the past: with a little patience and ingenuity, using products like urine belts are a great way to pass those tests with flying colors! If you’re scared about failing that big company health-checkup, there’s no need to worry anymore.

Sometimes you just need a quick and easy way to pass a urine test, and for that, we’d personally recommend Quick Fix’s Synthetic Urine Belt. It’s a high quality and reliable product that can help you fool even the strictest of testing protocols – so go out there and take your test with confidence!