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Synthetic urine refers to the fake urine that is mainly bought so that it can be used to pass a drug test. That means for the people who have been using drugs; they can opt for this urine to pass the drug test. The drug test can cost you a job or a vital activity when the urine is found to contain some traces of illegal drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, and many more. Therefore the synthetic urine can help you so that no traces of drugs will be found in your urine. Thus in this article, we are going to look at the top Benefits of Using Synthetic Urine for Drug Test. Some of the benefits include:

Assist You in Passing the Drug Test

scientific testSince synthetic urine brands like Quick Fix 6.2 works perfectly, it is clear that such a brand can help you pass the drug test. In this Quick Fix 6.2 Plus review by Crider Center the author claims that each bottle of Quick Fix 6.2 pee has been pre-tested to ensure that it will give test-takers a passing result. That is because there will be no traces of drugs that will be found in your urine. Therefore you will meet the qualifications for you to be considered for the job or any other activities. Many people who participate in various jobs interview or even in sports are required to pass this test. If you fail, you can lose your dream job or activity. Thus by using synthetic urine, it will work well.

Convenient Deliveries

The synthetic urine sellers are excellent in understanding the need for fast deliveries. That is because they know that you may be true of the urine urgently. Therefore they will ensure they bring your order in your location quickly so that you won’t be late for the test. The sellers always inquire for more details about your urgency to determine the appropriate action they can take to ensure your order is delivered within the stipulated time. Therefore another advantage of synthetic urine is that convenient deliveries can be easily made.

The Urine Comes With Warming Accessories

Your body temperature determines the temperature of your urine. Therefore if you provide very cold urine, you will be charged with an attempt of using someone’s urine. That is because the urine should be as warm as your body temperature. The synthetic urine comes with a warming accessory so that at the time of test, the accessories will warm the urine to the desired temperature. The artificial urine manufacturers create a pad that heats the urine to the desired temperature until the time it’s needed.

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Appears Like Healthy Urine

synthetic urine samplesThe synthetic urine has a similar color to the normal urine. That means it is tough to differentiate between the synthetic urine and normal one because the urine has camouflage accessories. Because of this feature, many people who undergo the drug test prefer …

Many people think that taking drugs doesn’t lead to a job loss, but fail to think about the aftermath of failing a drug test. You can however still enjoy your drugs while at the same time pass the drug test. One surefire trick of doing this is by using a synthetic urine kit. Sadly, buying the best fake pee can be easier said than done since the market is filled with scams. Read on as I take you through the best tips for choosing the synthetic urine kit.

Choose a Reputable Brand

five-star ratingThe first step towards ensuring that you pass your drug test is choosing a kit from a trusted brand like Quick Fix synthetic urine, which you can order three bottles of Quick Fix Plus 6.2. The market is flooded with nasty fake urine kits with even some more prominent brands being faked. You have to keep a hawk eye when shopping around for a fake pee because your job could depend on it. Only settle for fake urine specially prepared to pass the drug test. You could even end up spending a few dollars more than you had initially budgeted.

Shelf Life

It’s very common nowadays for employers to ask for a drug test without giving you ample time to prepare. To stay on the safe side, always have an extra bottle of this great arsenal at your home. To avoid any last minute letdowns, make sure you purchase a synthetic urine kit with a long shelf-life by merely checking the expiry date. In addition, always make sure it’s replaced periodically with another fresh bottle.

Basic Ingredients

The type of essential ingredients making up your synthetic urine is also another critical point to consider. For instance, the product you buy should contain uric acid because it’s typically found in human urine and is among the first things to check during a drug test. All in all, the product you buy should indicate the available ingredients on the label. This will help you minimize any level of panic in case you aren’t sure of the results.

Check the pH, Temperature, and Gravity

wood mounted thermometerAlways keep in mind that temperature can considerably change fake urine. For this reason, check how the brand might behave when exposed to a particular temperature limit. This is especially common with cold synthetic urine which can be problematic when changing the surrounding temperature to the usual 32-38 degrees. If you’re not sure about the eventual temperature changes, always go for the better option in warm urine.

The gravity and the pH values are also other important factors to consider when purchasing your synthetic urine kit. To make sure that you get non-suspicious results, the pH and gravity values have to maintain a specific range.

Kit Quality

If you don’t want to fail the drug test, going for a high-quality synthetic urine kit is undoubtedly the way to go. However, you should be prepared to part with a few more bucks, but the assurance you get will

So your next drug test is probably coming up in the next 48 hours, and you’ve taken the necessary step of arming yourself with fake urine. However, purchasing the best synthetic urine kit and sneaking it into the lab are two very different matters. You should know that if you get caught, you’ll be pretty embarrassed and screwed as well. Don’t even think about your jacket because you’ll be told to take it off. In this guide, we’ll give you some simple tips on how to properly sneak in synthetic urine to a drug test.


If there’s a method that has proved to be very successful over the years, then it’s taping. You only have to tie the urine sample in a flat container to your torso – directly above the vagina or penis. Don’t forget to wear loose pants to conceal the example correctly. Although you’ll be vigorously searched, you can rest assured that nobody will dare touch your crotch area. In conclusion, if you don’t have a stash belt, this should be your fall-back option.

Wear a Stash Belt

leg strap beltMany people prefer using a stash belt because of its convenient way of sneaking urine during a test. This dual-purpose belt will go a long way towards securing all your valuables and keeping your urine as warm as possible. Of course, you don’t want to get those degrees wrong. Another thing that it effectively does is keeping your hand warmer or heating pad from burning your leg. All in all, this’s a smart solution you can get to the most common method that involves tying your urine to the inner part of your thigh.

Your Rectum

This’s also another common method especially among drug mules and has proved to be quite successful. Concealing the sample in your rectum will also ensure it stays within the right temperature. Quickly moving forward, you’ll need to retrieve it as soon as possible to avoid raising any red flags. The better part is that you’ll probably be alone in the restroom.

Storing it Between Dual Leggings or Jocks

This method is also another great alternative to the stash belt. Although wearing double layers can be less convenient and a bit constricting, it’s a great way of raising the overall body temperature. However, if you get too hot, this can lead to sweating and looking uncomfortable. You definitely wouldn’t like to look nervous to your test administrators, do you?

Use a Synthetic Urine Device

Now that you already have a clue about how synthetic urine can help you out, the next question is about the kind of product to buy/use. With the market filled with lots of brands, choosing one that perfectly suits your needs could pose a challenge.

To begin with, you should always carry out your research, since you’re not the first one to use these products during a drug test. That being said, there’re lots of online reviews with real people who have first-hand experience.

Just remember that you’ll