Stat Flush Pills Reviews: Does It Really Work?

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detox pills in glassUrinalysis is one of the most common ways to catch people using drugs. If you work in corporate or government sectors, expect to hand in a little tube of piss to some lab.

So, for people like us that enjoy a little puff-puff-pass after a long day at work, that can be a huge problem. That’s why a ton of detox products have appeared on the market. Detox products are solutions to help smokers like us enjoy some TLC with our THC – all without worrying about the myriad of drug tests out there determined to spoil our good time.

One of these products is Stat Flush Pills. If you’re looking at this as a potential way to sail right past all your future urine tests, read on and check out our review of this product.

What Is It?

Stat Flush is a product marketed to help users pass their drug tests by masking THC in their urine. It’s a “detox” capsule (more on that later) that uses natural ingredients to replicate the composition of real, clean urine – the type that can fool laboratory tests.

How Does It Work?

Here’s the important caveat about the “detoxification” process of Stat Flush – it’s a temporary fix, and most importantly, it doesn’t completely detoxify your system. The best that the product can do is to hide the traces of whatever it is you’ve been taking in your pee for a short while, before all the bits circulating in your bloodstream enter your urinary tract again.

stat flush detox capsStat Flush helps by having your urine temporarily revert to a clean, drug-free state by binding the toxins in your body for easier removal. In simpler terms, it combines the looser traces of substances like THC to fat cells in your body, which are then flushed out by peeing before the actual test.

This ensures that when you DO get tested, your pee will show up clear of any toxins. Stat Flush can help you get a negative reading on urinalysis tests for up to four hours after ingestion, though we specifically recommend getting tested an hour and a half after you take your capsules for the best effect. Any longer and the residual toxins in your bloodstream can slowly start making their way to your bladder, which can set off the alarm.

Why Should I Take It?

There are three important reasons you’d want to consider using Stat Flush pills to fool a urine test:

It’s fast.

Since the ingredients help flush AND hide traces of toxin, it’s ideal if you need a solution to an upcoming drug test on short notice. Unlike a lot of products that detoxify your urine, you can take Stat Flush pills as close to a few hours before your urine test, since the temporary masking of your pee doesn’t take that long.

It’s easy.

All you need is water and the pills themselves – no fancy equipment or other methods that you need to go through! The pills are inconspicuous enough that you can hide and take them before your testing, even if you’re under observation.

It’s clean.

Stat Flush pills don’t leave a trace after use, which is helpful against more sophisticated urinalysis methods. Once your bloodstream has absorbed most of the ingredients and you’ve peed two or three times before your test, your sample will come up clean.

Here’s my alternative, which has high success rate. Toxin Rid (Quick Fix Urine) is by far the the best detox pill for drug test with the highest reported pass results. 

How Do I Take It?

Here’s where you need to pay attention. Since Stat Flush pills work by hiding your overall drug levels in your pee, you’ll have to adjust your dosage according to how much you weigh, how often you’ve been using, and how long has it been since your last dose. 

Each package of Stat Flush contains detailed instructions, but here are our personal tips for the best use:

  1. Drink plenty of water before your test. You’ll have to pee at least two or three times before handing in your actual sample, because if you pee immediately after taking Stat Flush, the toxins are only starting to get out of your body and will DEFINITELY show up in your urine. Adjust your water intake depending on how much you weigh – look at the packaging for more info.
  2. Don’t wait TOO long. Depending on how much you’ve puffed, toxins can show up in your urine again even after you’ve taken Stat Flush. The formula is supposed to work for about four hours after you take it, but based on our tests the sweet spot is an hour to two hours after you’ve taken it for reliable results.
  3. Lay off the drugs for a while. If you find out about your test a couple of days before, stop the puffing and start the detoxing. Traces of THC can remain in your bloodstream for up to a week even after you stop using. If you have a lower substance content in your body to start with Stat Flush can work a lot better.
  4. Always buy from the official manufacturer. There are a lot of bootleg versions of this pill floating around online, so do your research before buying. 

Aside from that, all the usual applies. Always follow the instructions, don’t panic, and definitely don’t give your tester any reason to suspect you’re trying to bluff your way past the test. If you do all these, you’ll piss your worries away to live and puff another day. Just don’t do it during office hours.

Why You Shouldn’t Use It

Of course, every detox product has its drawbacks, and Stat Flush flushes some of its potential down the drain with these issues.

Short window of time. With only four hours for optimum performance, it can be a bit dangerous to assume that you’ll get tested in that timeframe. Laboratory tests can sometimes take a while, and you’ll never know if they will delay your appointment beyond the time limit.

Results aren’t consistent. While user reviews of Stat Flush have been very positive, there are some users that reported the product still not working after testing it themselves.

If any of them seem like deal breakers to you, you’re better off finding some other way to pass your test. There are a ton of other detox products and other ways to pass your urine test – we’d personally recommend using synthetic urine product like Quick Fix Urine.

Our Verdict

Stat Flush pills can work for clutch scenarios where you don’t have a lot of time before your urinalysis. But since there are also a lot of ways it can go wrong, we’d recommend that you get yourself our best detox pill for drug test in case that Stat Flush doesn’t work as intended – just to be on the safe side.