Stinger Detox Review: Will It Help You Pass Your Drug Test?

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One of the best parts of the weekend is getting to unwind with friends and forget all your worries for a while. But everyone needs to come back to reality at some point, and for some of us, that includes facing a drug test. Whether you’re applying for a new job or trying to keep your old one, a drug test is always intimidating!

Luckily, there are some highly effective ways to pass! The most popular of which is a detox cleanser. Detoxes are fast and effective, and give you completely natural results. All you have to do to prepare is set aside some time before the test day to get yourself clean.

There are lots of detox brands out there that can give you the results you need. Today we’ll be looking at one called Stinger Detox, which is a fairly popular brand in the community. From what I’ve seen, it’s been getting a lot of mixed reviews. So, in this article, I’m going to see for myself if Stinger Detox products are viable options for drug tests.

About Stinger Detox

stinger 7 day total detox drinkStinger Detox is a company that’s been marketing a wide range of cleansing products since 1993. 

Other than that, there’s not really much to know. The About Us page on their website doesn’t provide much information on them. It seems a little sketchy from the get-go, but they have been around for around two decades now, so they must be a reputable brand.

Stinger has a total of four main products:

Stinger Whole-Body One-Hour Cleanser

The first product I’ll be talking about is the Stinger Whole-Body One-Hour Cleanser. It’s their most popular product since it cleanses your entire body of any toxins in under an hour. The drink is made with both natural and artificial ingredients, the supposed perfect blend to help you cleanse your body for your drug test.

All you have to do is drink the entire bottle at least 60 minutes before your exam. After that, refill the bottle at least four times with water and drink all of it, making sure that you pee in the next hour or so before your exam.

It’s really easy to use and seems like the perfect solution for any last-minute drug tests you find yourself in.

While it’s a simple drink to follow, it does cost quite a lot, selling for around $21 for an 8-ounce bottle.

Stinger Instant Detox 5x Strength

The Instant Detox 5x Strength is another one of Stinger’s detox drinks. The difference to the one-hour cleanser being that it’s supposedly stronger and more effective to use, plus it’s more expensive, selling at around $55 per 8-ounce bottle.

The way to use it is just the same as the one-hour cleanser, but instead of the 60-90 minute window before your exam, I suggest you give yourself at least two hours for the drink to work. After you take the whole bottle, refill the bottle with water twice and drink all of it.

If you’re not a heavy drug user, there’s also a Regular strength version of this drink, so you can opt to get that. But, in my opinion, it’s safer to get the stronger one just to make sure that your body really cleans out all the toxins.

Stinger 7-Day Permanent Detox Liquid 5x Strength

Another detox drink that Stinger offers is their 7-Day Permanent Detox Liquid. Compared to the other drinks, this is the one that needs the most time to take effect.

Even though this takes 7 days to complete, it’s fairly easy to follow – all you have to do is take one tablespoon before breakfast and then another tablespoon before dinner (or your last meal of the day). The same concept applies: drink lots of water in between and make sure that you follow the directions precisely so that the detox will be effective.

It’s also another one of Stinger’s most expensive drinks, selling at around $50 for one 8-ounce bottle.

Stinger Buzz 5x Extra Strength Liquid

The final product that Stinger sells is their Buzz 5x Extra Strength detox drink. It’s said to be their strongest detox product yet and that it can also permanently remove any toxins in your body. I found it hard to believe but I wanted to see for myself if it does remove all traces of drugs in my system!

To use it, all you need to do is:

  • Stop using drugs and any other toxins like caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine at least 48 hours before your exam date.
  • Drink the entire bottle 60 to 90 minutes before you submit a pee sample.
  •  Refill the bottle at least four times with water and drink it all.
  • Make sure to pee as much as possible in the next hour that follows before your exam.

To get the full benefits of the drink, make sure to maintain a clean diet at least two days before your exam – avoid drinking milk or any other dairy products, eat lots of whole grain and high-fiber food, and drink plenty of water before downing the drink to help your body speed up the cleansing process.

Because of how strong it claims to be, it sells at a higher price, going for about $55 on their official store.

Do Stinger Products Work?

One thing you need to remember about detox plans is that they don’t necessarily remove the toxins in your body, they just hide them well enough that they’ll be untraceable on lab tests. So, I don’t believe that any of Stinger’s products can permanently remove the drug metabolites in my body, especially within an hour of use.

I put their products to the test and bought a home drug test kit. After smoking quite a lot over the weekend, I decided to try Stinger out a few days after. I didn’t have the time (or budget) to try all of their products, so I decided to give their Whole-Body One-Hour Cleanser drink a go.

I followed every step given and got my pee tested using the home drug test about 90 minutes after I used the product. And as luck would have it, I failed the home drug test. After drinking more water, peeing a lot, and waiting for another hour, I tested myself again and passed.

So, it’s safe to say that while the drink does work, it’s not as fast as it says it is. The directions on the product say that you can take this 90 minutes before your drug exam and pass, but, based on my experience, I’ve realized that you need more time (like 2 hours) for the drink to work.

We also recommend you look at this general guide on the best detox pills for drug test if you’re preparing to pass a marijuana drug test 

Better Alternatives to Stinger

If I were to look for an effective detox brand to help me pass my drug test, Stinger wouldn’t be the one I turn to. There’s little to no guarantee that you’ll pass, especially since it’s cutting it real close to your exam day. Considering that your job is on the line, it’s too big of a risk to take, plus Stinger’s products are also pretty pricey!

If you’re willing to pay that much for a detox drink, why not pay for one that actually works well? Brands like Rescue Cleanse, Mega Clean, Herbal Clean, and Quick Clear are all much better detox drinks. Not only are they effective, some of them also go on sale a lot, so you can get them for almost half the price!


So, when it comes to detox drinks, Stinger might not be your best option. Try to look for more reputable and credible brands that really work – besides customer reviews, you can tell a brand is good if their other products are also popular among the community.

One brand that I really trust is Quick Fix. Their synthetic urine products have lots of positive reviews and so do their detox drinks! Currently, they have the Quick Clear Detox, a powerful detox drink that comes with supplementary detox pills to aid your body’s cleansing process.

The best part about it? It’s completely natural! The guys at Quick Fix only use the best natural ingredients to make sure that you won’t put your body through too much on your cleanse.